Access Control gives a business or a residence the capability of knowing who is entering your facility and when they enter and leave. Our Access Control service even controls where they can and cannot go and the times they are allowed to do so. The software that is a critical component of the system has become both sophisticated and easy to use. In addition, it can usually be administered off site if the need arises. The systems today can range from a simple single door installation that can control who comes into the building with a keypad reader, to multiple door configurations with biometric or proximity readers.

One distinct advantage of having access control is that you can lock out a disgruntled employee or a cleaning service that you have given access to with a simple keystroke on your computer. Access control is about managing and controlling who can have access to your facility. You just do not want hundreds of keys used to enter your building floating around and you not having any idea who may have them.

Control access to your building or individual areas in your building.