The Internet of Things

Home security systems tucson, spy gear tucson, spy equipment tucson, your opinion on the subject may be, there is no denying the fact that we are entering a time that billions of wireless personal electronic devices are soon going to be connected to the Internet of Things.

We choose to embrace the concept. There are guaranteed to be hurdles to jump through, but you can’t stop progress, and we have shown an incredible love for our personal electronic devices (PED).

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things

Can you imagine not having your phone? The answer is no. I can’t be without mine, and I’m nowhere near the PED geek that most folks have become.

Also, we think it is exciting. Technology is fun and stimulating if you don’t take it to seriously, and use it as a tool to make this  crazy world a little easier to navigate.

Our company started to take The Internet of Things and Home Automation serious when I realized as a rental property owner that having a bunch of keys to operate access to my properties, while averaging a new tenant every two years, was pretty stupid. With new access Keylocks, I could install a protected code entry for the new tenant, delete the last tenant out of the system in five seconds, and Presto! No weird rental property stories, no big expense of time and money to re-key everything, and peace of mind for the new tenant. The continued use of keys is on the road to oblivion. Think about the last time you checked into a hotel. No keys.

So, with the advent of new access control systems for doors, the ability to control the temperature of your home or business from a PED, light control, total control of your security system, then the merging of video surveillance into the mix so that you can remote view your house from anywhere, and it was game on.

Bandwidth is the way of the world. Inner connectivity is going to drive new technology. Climb aboard for the journey, it will be quite a ride. I guess you can embrace it or reject it.  Moore Security Solutions has decided we want to be a part of it.