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Can You See Profitability With Video Management Systems?

Video Surveillance Cameras used to manage and control business remotely

Video Surveillance Cameras in Showroom

Take a minute to imagine that you are at a business conference, or on vacation, or just conducting your daily routine. If you’re a business owner or business manager or, of course, a home or property owner there may not be a better management tool in your toolbox than a video surveillance and management system that allows you to look at your iPad, P.C.,iPhone or Android device to get a quick overview of your business, home, or property.

Video Surveillance Cameras at Night

Video Surveillance Cameras at Night in near Pitch Black

Just two months ago we had a package delivered to our office with an important part in it that we needed to complete a big job. Well, we couldn’t find the package anywhere. Then it clicked. Look at the Video. We went back to the day it was delivered, and saw the U.P.S. man deliver a package. But the package was too small to be the part, so we knew it was never delivered! Problem solved. What if a package was delivered to your doorstep at home, but you are in Wisconsin? Did it get delivered? Don’t you want to be sure? Do you rent property? Wouldn’t you like to have a view of the front porch to see if any unauthorized parties were being staged on your little corner of the world? I cannot give you an exact number of the percentage of these video management systems we have installed here at Moore Security Solutions in the past five years (that’s when Remote View Video really started to cross the technological barriers required to make these systems work. Think Bandwidth) that have made their owners very happy that they bought into this great technology, but suffice it to say it is very close to 100%. Let me ask, are your employees opening your facility on time while you are away? Are the customers being attended to? Did your children get home on time and safely? You can use the video system as a teaching tool to let your employees know how you want things to be done(and not done). The list of applications and services provided by these video systems are limited only by your imagination. We had a client that had an older dog that they wanted to keep an eye on while it was outside and they were at work. Watching your pets is a very popular use of the systems. Of course, the quality of the picture has increased by leaps and bounds, and the price has gone down. This also helps to account for the rising popularity of video management and surveillance systems. Look, it’s your property. It’s your business. It’s your family and clients. You have a right to know what’s going on in your world.

Is There Anything More Important To Your Business Than Your Bottom Line Profitability?

GPS Vehicle Tracking

When I first decided to write about Global Positioning Location Systems for your company vehicles(whether it  be one vehicle or a hundred), I had planned to write about facts and figures and statistics and all sorts of dry information that I was going to ask you to read and  digest.

Then I remembered that the best way to reach someone was to tell a story. Give business owners the numbers at the end of the day, but to really get their attention, let people know that you understand their everyday business struggles. That way, you aren’t trying to sell them something, but you are helping them with that all important bottom line profitability calculation. That is something all good business owners understand, or if they don’t, they  certainly will not be business owners for long.

So this is a very simple story.

Moore Security Solutions decided to sell GPS Fleet location Systems five years ago because it seemed a natural fit. We loved the idea and technology, and it was an industry that was  growing rapidly. Of course, all other businesses in Arizona needed this exciting new cost management tool , not Moore Security Solutions. Our employees were completely trustworthy. I certainly didn’t want to cause any friction with any of our employees by acting like “Big Brother.” And anyway, we just had a few vehicles, so would that really make it cost effective for us?

Well, it didn’t take us long to realize how wrong we were on all counts.  We installed the Location System Devices on our own vehicles for ‘Demonstration Purposes” only. They weren’t meant for companies like ours, but we could demonstrate to other companies how valuable the technology would be for their company.

After using the equipment  for just a couple of days, it was amazing how much information came out of this system. Not only could we track multiple layers of statistics and numbers that gave us complete operational control of what was going on with our employees and vehicles, but we could see where our vehicles and employees were in real time and make up to the minute decisions about where to send our them based on current information. We could create a report with all of this valuable information that we could use to decrease our gas use, increase employee productivity, decrease “wear and tear” on our vehicles, and overall manage a vital part of business that we had  figured  was basically unknowable.

It has been quite a revelation. And as a added bonus, it has become much easier to convince other business owners to purchase and use this valuable tool because we have seen first hand how wonderful this product is to OUR Bottom Line Profitability.

One other thing; Moore Security Solutions has discovered that once a business owner signs up for the service, very rarely do they cancel it . It’s just to valuable to them.

We have assembled all of the statistics and numbers and information for you.  We just love having this tool in our profitability tool box and you will too.

Book your appointment here now and we’ll show you precisely what this terrific technology tool can do for you.

The Internet of Things

Home security systems tucson, spy gear tucson, spy equipment tucson, your opinion on the subject may be, there is no denying the fact that we are entering a time that billions of wireless personal electronic devices are soon going to be connected to the Internet of Things.

We choose to embrace the concept. There are guaranteed to be hurdles to jump through, but you can’t stop progress, and we have shown an incredible love for our personal electronic devices (PED).

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things

Can you imagine not having your phone? The answer is no. I can’t be without mine, and I’m nowhere near the PED geek that most folks have become.

Also, we think it is exciting. Technology is fun and stimulating if you don’t take it to seriously, and use it as a tool to make this  crazy world a little easier to navigate.

Our company started to take The Internet of Things and Home Automation serious when I realized as a rental property owner that having a bunch of keys to operate access to my properties, while averaging a new tenant every two years, was pretty stupid. With new access Keylocks, I could install a protected code entry for the new tenant, delete the last tenant out of the system in five seconds, and Presto! No weird rental property stories, no big expense of time and money to re-key everything, and peace of mind for the new tenant. The continued use of keys is on the road to oblivion. Think about the last time you checked into a hotel. No keys.

So, with the advent of new access control systems for doors, the ability to control the temperature of your home or business from a PED, light control, total control of your security system, then the merging of video surveillance into the mix so that you can remote view your house from anywhere, and it was game on.

Bandwidth is the way of the world. Inner connectivity is going to drive new technology. Climb aboard for the journey, it will be quite a ride. I guess you can embrace it or reject it.  Moore Security Solutions has decided we want to be a part of it.




Analog or CCTV (closed circuit television cameras) such as those typically used in video surveillance, transmit a signal to a specific place on a limited set of monitors. They have been a trusted and reliable solution for both homes and businesses for many years. Analog cameras are convenient, easy to install, cost effective and reliable.

CCTV systems can typically be set up to record continuously or can be motion activated, recording only when the sensor sees movement.  Analog cameras can be set to record straight to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR), which allows it to record analog signals as pictures. The DVR designed for CCTV purposes is connected to the camera through point-to-point coaxial cables which convert the signal from analog to digital and then record it on a hard drive.  The DVR and video recording software allow recording and playback of the video with a range of options in playback.

Upgrading a current analog system can be done with the latest in analog technology, HD-SDI (high definition serial digital interface) cameras.  This high definition analog based CCTV technology provide high quality HD video images with exceptional resolution and detail. Prior to the development of HD-SDI cameras the only way to get this type of resolution was through a megapixel IP camera.  This new technology offers a low cost solution to those wanting greater detail and many extras. The signal is still sent over coaxial cable, is point to point and plug and play.


IP Cameras, or the Internet Protocol Camera is a type of cameraIP cameras are truly digital.  Whereas an analog camera transmits the signal via the coaxial cable to a DVR which then coverts the signal, an IP camera itself takes on the role of the DVR for compression, video motion detection and image adjustments.  It is then transmitted back to the NVR as a fully digital stream. The software in an IP camera offers some additional features but the camera does most of the work.

IP camera systems are able to offer higher resolution megapixel cameras than analog cameras.  They can be wired or run through your wireless network.  Megapixel cameras allow you to zoom in on a specific area with minimal loss of definition. You are able to capture important details such as a license plate or even a specific transaction on a cash register. For those with several locations, multi-site management is easy with IP cameras as everything can be viewed on the internet.  Replacing an existing analog camera with IP cameras may not be as expensive as you think.  For example, only one megapixel camera may be needed where there were four analog cameras.

More and more IP cameras are being used for their “intelligence” and not just recording incidents.  They are able to record and count customers and customer patterns. They can also be used in monitoring customer service, alerting and monitoring for deliveries, monitoring employees and register transactions and much more.  IP cameras are a necessary tool for complete management of your business and employees.

Higher resolution IP cameras do require a lot of bandwidth so plan accordingly.  There are ways to set up a system to reduce the required bandwidth, such as cropping out he unnecessary parts of the field of view, so having an experienced and trained technician with a reputable company is important. Higher resolution and the demands of an IP camera do require more memory, so when choosing a DVR or cloud storage, do not skimp on memory. This is one area to be more safe than sorry.


There are many considerations to make in choosing between an analog system and IP solution.  The cost of an analog system is typically less expensive but you will often sacrifice image quality and features.  The convenience and ease of set up in an IP system is a bonus but the required bandwidth and memory can be detrimental. Other considerations include simplicity, resolution, cabling, scalability and flexibility, pricing and intelligence.  It can be a big decision for businesses and homeowners on which video monitoring solution is best for them.  Working with a company trained and active with video surveillance installations is the first and most important step in your decision making process.  They can help guide you through the process, placement and options available. As in many instances, a DIY solution is not always the best or least expensive option.

Five Tips for Adding Video Surveillance to Your Business or Home Security Solutions

Why would a business owner invest in IP video surveillance?  They do it to reduce expense, improve customer service and productivity and increase the company revenues. These added “eyes and ears” give them an additional tool to manage and control their business and service.

Homeowners will add video surveillance to be able to watch their home while they are away on vacation or even at work.  It brings them peace of mind knowing they can see who is at their front door. Often your insurance company will give you a discount for the added protection which can help offset the initial cost of the system.

Here are five considerations when adding video surveillance to any security system:

1. Bandwidth

A LAN with 100 Mbps or Gigabit Ethernet connections will get you started. Performance if best when you have a fast Internet service and cameras with MPEG4 compression.

2. Router and Switch

You’ll use an Internet router and a LAN switch or wireless access point to connect the cameras. This is standard in most  wireless configurations.

3. Computer for Managing the System

  • A Windows PC with at least 1 GB RAM and a dedicated video graphics card is required for the video management system that controls the security cameras, recording, and monitoring (review the VMS capabilities and requirements).

4. Viewing the Video

  • The PC will allow you to monitor video streams from multiple video cameras.
  • To deter crime, it is helpful to  display monitors prominently where anyone will see them.
  • Remote viewing can be done through a multitude of devices, including laptops and PCs, Wi-Fi phones, and 3G smartphones.

5. Video Storage

  • You’ll collect video feeds on disk drives. The capacity required depends on several factors such as how long you want to store the video (how many days until it records over the top of the oldest recording) and the resolution. Storage can be as simple as an SD card but in typical professional setups a DVR is required.
  • Scheduled or event-triggered recording, such as motion detection, reduces the quantity of camera feeds and demand for bandwidth and disk storage. For example, recording all feeds for 24 hours from the single camera streaming high-quality MJPEG video would require 112 GB of storage space. If you limited the recording to motion-detected capture and that totaled 6 hours, it would require 28 GB of storage.
  • On-disk data encryption provides security protection.
  • Network Attached System lets you centralize the video feed storage with the same kind of efficient access and protection that other business data has.

When you begin budgeting for video surveillance, you’ll find that prices for cameras start at just a few hundred dollars. In total, the cost for a small business to purchase and have an IP video surveillance system installed typically ranges from a few thousand to several thousand dollars. For businesses this is a small price to pay for complete management of your business and staff. For homeowners it is great peace of mind knowing you have added that extra layer of security.  Keep in mind that quite often your insurance company will give you a discount for the added protection.

Hiring a professional to install video cameras and manage your video surveillance solutions will save you time and money in the long run.  The IP configuration can be confusing and is best left to an expert.  It is recommended that you look for a local company that has been in the business for a number of years, is locally owned and operated and will be there for you in the years to come.



Whatever your thoughts may be on the 2nd amendment to the Constitution, or the rights of U.S. citizens to own assault weapons, there is no doubt that the recent shooting deaths of 20 small children at Sandy Hook Elementary School has started a conversation about guns and their place in our society.
Today I am going to steer clear of all the emotion and conflict that seem to have polarized our nation in regard to this volatile subject and instead focus on a tangent of the argument that has been lightly reported; the lack of basic security to prevent the theft of weaponry in our homes.

Now, of course, I realize that many responsible gun owners have a good gun safe, or bars on the windows, or a reliable home security system. But you would not believe how many times I go on a sales call to a home that has been burglarized and guns were stolen, and the homeowner had no protection at all for the weaponry that was in their home.

A home is broken into every 15 seconds in the United States. The thieves are looking for big screen televisions, computers, guns, and jewelry or money (valuables). Thieves just love guns for all of the obvious reasons. So why do more gun owners not have at least some form of security for their weapons? The reason that I hear the most is that they just did not think that they needed any additional security because they live in a safeGUN SAFETY SMALL GUN SAFE HOME SECURITY neighborhood, or they have a big dog, or, the ultimate irony, they thought they were safe because their guns afforded them that perception of safety. I guess they were wrong. And the decision of homeowners to not do everything they can to protect and secure their weaponry is a decision that can be very costly to our society at large. More crime, more hospital visits, more death.

I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve asked a guy why he doesn’t have a home alarm system to protect his guns, and I get the answer that he wishes somebody would try to break into his house because they would have to answer to Smith and Wesson, or some variation of this macho theme. That usually provokes me to calmly ask “Well, who is protecting your Smith and Wesson while you are at work all day?” This normally leads to a befuddled look and silence from the gun owner.

Okay, okay, I get it. This is an emotional topic. I was in the Marine Corps, so I understand the fascination of things that go boom. But don’t let your emotions get in the way of your common sense. Twenty five thousand guns are stolen from dealers every year. Two hundred and thirty thousand (230,000!) guns are stolen from homeowners every year. If you are a gun owner, do the right thing; buy a sturdy gun safe, invest in a quality home security system, but please secure your weapons!


Will you be the next victim?

Cruising through Facebook the other day, I received a message from a dear friend inquiring about the status of the Isabel Celis situation. He wanted to know if there was any change in her found status, and if the police had any substantial leads?

I replied that no, she had not been found yet, and the police and FBI had some theories, but were still trying to collect enough evidence to build a case. I mentioned that Isabel’s parents had been in the Moore Security Solutions showroom a couple of times recently, wanting to discuss a home security system, and maybe even some video surveillance for the front and back yard and the driveway.

Checking back in with Facebook about a couple of hours later, I saw that my buddy had replied with a new message. He asked, “It’s a little late for that isn’t it?”  Well now. I guess to me that sounded as if he had hit the nail right on the head. You just would not believe the amount of excuses I hear in this security industry line of business. Not so much from the commercial side of the industry. Business people and retail establishments seem to all understand that you have to have a certain level of security. Very few do not have a security system, and most have a decent video surveillance management system also.

But when it comes to residential security, I get the entire gamut of excuses from people. Rarely will the man of the house admit it’s a simple budget situation. Usually I get one of two hall of fame excuses. Most popular is the macho “I’d just like to see the slime ball that tried to break into my house. They’d be eating lead from my (fill in the blank) gun.” This is a classic. We had one of these Wyatt Earp types in the showroom the other day with his wife. My salesperson politely asked,” Is there anyone at your place right now, while you are here with us? Of course, Wyatt said no. Well, my salesperson stated, “Let’s hope nobody breaks in to your house right now, because the first thing they will steal is that gun that you’re not there to shoot them with.”

Look, if someone breaks into your house at 3:00 A.M., we don’t care if you shoot them. That gun increases your level of security. But folks are only home about 40% of the time. When you’re not there, have a security system in place to help you deter, detect, and delay. Use all of the weapons at your disposal to give you the upper hand when it comes to protecting your family and your valuables (and that gun!).

Next on the excuse hall of fame list is the popular,” Well, I’ve got one mean Golden Retriever that wouldn’t dare let anyone get into our home” Yeah, right. I got a call two weeks ago from a  prospective client who had me come out to his house. Imagine my surprise when he introduced his two dogs. One a 150 pound Bull Mastiff, and the other a seventy-five pound Retriever. Some guys had broken into his home at twelve ‘o’ clock in the afternoon, given the dogs a package of bologna and locked them in a spare bedroom. Next they carted every piece of furniture and valuable this guy had in his house to a waiting truck, then drove off. At least the dogs seemed pretty happy about this.

Hey, I get it. Times are tight. Every head of the household wants to believe that nothing will happen to them, or that they can protect their family just fine without any help. Guns and dogs are just fine to help you increase your level of security. But go the extra mile for your family and your home, and do whatever you can to maintain the sanctity of your house. It’s not a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of being smarter than those who would do harm to you and yours. If you don’t think it’s worth it, or that it’s not that important, just ask the family and friends of Isabel Celis.

The Search for Isabel Continues


Time marches on. We are all so busy with our lives in these hectic times that it would be pretty easy to let the Isabel Celis situation get put on the back burner.

But the Tucson Community is not going to let this happen here.

Sure, the public face of the Isabel search team group has moved indoors to get out of the heat. Yes, the police presence on this case has been cut from over 200 full time officers to a still healthy 15 member task force. There are no longer the daily updates from the news outlets.

Yet many people in our community are not going to let the trail go cold.

Here at Moore Security Solutions we felt a special kinship with those who feel as if they have known Isabel for a very long time, even if they had never had the opportunity to meet her. We want so badly for one of our security cameras to provide some lead or information that might lead to the safe return of this lovely little girl. To get her back to her family where she belongs.

The pain from these situations rests with the fact that she is so innocent. This could happen to any one of us, and we know it. It hits to close to home.

Isabel has that ability to move into your heart, and touch an uncomfortable place. Is there any fear worse than a parent not knowing where their child is at? Just the thought of that is a little overwhelming. How in the world do families get through such stuff? Of course, the real answer is some never do. So much strength, yet so much pain. Families that must survive this emotional trial and move through the haze of such a terrible tragedy have our unyielding respect.

But the family of this beautiful child and the members of the Tucson community are not going to let the case be forgotten. Someone knows something. I‘ve learned in this business that bad people have trouble keeping their mouth shut. Keep an ear open for anything that may help in the investigation. Call the police with any leads. Here at Moore Security Solutions we will review the footage of the cameras to see if anything may have been missed. Be vigilant. Hug your kids tonight. We will never forget Isabel. Let’s see if we can get her back home.

Rick Moore speaking with Nancy Grace on HLN

Moore Security Solutions aids investigation

Here is Rick Moore, Owner of Moore Security Solutions, speaking with Nancy Grace on HLN. Moore Security Solutions, the Tucson community’s security system specialists, is aiding the investigation in the disappearance of young Isabel Celis. Moore Security Solutions has many surveillance cameras and CCTV systems pointed in all directions from the showroom. A camera, pointed in the direction of the Celis home, has been aiding police for the past week. Moore Security Solutions is proud to be working with Tucson’s finest in trying to bring this young girl home to her family.

[youtube QiyntdI4aYo]

Rick Moore with Nancy Grace of HLN



Moore Security Solutions is the Tucson Security System specialists. We specialize in all home security, small business security, CCTV surveillance, and GPS Fleet Management.


6-Year-Old Girl is Missing!

A young girl by the name of Isabel Celis disappeared from her room Friday night or Saturday morning. On Saturday, Isabel’s parents told police they put Isabel to bed and when they went to wake her up, she was gone.

The Location of the disappearance is in a residential area right behind Moore Security Solutions. Moore Security Solutions is aiding police due to the several cameras Moore Security Solutions has pointing in the general direction of the residential area. Moore Security Solutions is proud to be helping the police department in the investigation but we will be even more proud once this young girl is found. We will try and keep you updated through our end. In the meantime, if you hear anything please call 911 right away. Help spread the word so people are aware and they know to keep their eyes peeled.





A garage fire damaged a northwest side home Thursday afternoon, leaving a family displaced, authorities said. The fire was reported at a home in the 2800 block of West Sandbrook Lane, near West River and North Shannon roads, said Capt. Adam Goldberg, a Northwest Fire District spokesman. Three children were at home with their mother taking afternoon naps when the smoke detector sounded, Goldberg said. The mother evacuated her children and called 911.

Help keep your family safe! Secure your home with MOORE SECURITY!

Read more:

Moore Security Solutions is the Tucson Security System specialists. We specialize in all home security, small business security, CCTV surveillance, and GPS Fleet Management.




Check out these top 4 SuperBowl Gadgets.

1. Xray truck

2. Sewer Caps

3. Police Robots

4. New counterfeit detection Software to combat new software for counterfeiting

All these can be secne in:


Moore Security Solutions is the Tucson Security System specialists. We specialize in all home security, small business security, CCTV surveillance, and GPS Fleet Management.




This weeks Business Pick of the Week is:

Sonoran Oasis Landscaping is our business pick of the week!!! With their excellent service and results. Their service makes you not want to go anywhere else and the results will leave you breathless.

Sonoran Oasis Landscaping is dedicated to providing professional services, certified teams and quality relationships to their commercial and homeowner’s association clients.

Caring for the landscapes in a desert environment requires:
• A thorough knowledge of xeriscape plants and trees
• Quick response and resolution of irrigation problems
• The removal of weeds before they become a problem
• Understanding of how the weather in the desert affects landscapes

To help their clients with the challenges of landscaping in the desert, they provide:
• An on-staff certified arborist
• Rainbird-certified irrigation technicians and on-staff certified water auditors
• A certified chemical spray team
• Employees who are University of Arizona Extension Center certified through Smartscapes for Landscape Professionals

They get a 5 out of 5 starts from Moore Security Solutions Scale





Moore Security Solutions is the Tucson Security System specialists. We specialize in all home security, small business security, CCTV surveillance, and GPS Fleet Management.




Family Outing

21st Arizona International Film Festival

April 13-29 at Reel Arts 6, The Screening Room, Crossroads Festival, Desert View Theater, and other venues throughout Tucson and southern Arizona. Over 100 films representing 18 countries will be featured in Arizona’s longest running and largest Festival.

102nd Pima County Fair

On April 19th-April 29th, the Old-fashioned fair with exhibits, food, stage concerts, and other live entertainment, carnival rides, educational exhibits, including a gem and mineral show will be at Pima County Fairgrounds.


Tucson International Mariachi Conference

April 25th-April 28th– The annual two day conference starts with workshops in Mariachi music. Classes are instructed in five instruments of Mariachi music, guitar, guitarron, vihuela, violin and trumpet . April 27th at 7pm will be the concert


Sports Corner

Top 10 University of Arizona Baseball will host East Tennessee State at Hi Corbett field for a weekend series on April 27th, 28th and the 29th. Sunday’s game is an afternoon game. Check the wildcat athletics website for more details.



Date Night

Arizona Theatre Company presents RED on April 25ht, 26th, 27th, and the 28th. Red isbased on true events, Red is a searing portrait of an artist’s ambition and vulnerability as he tries to create a definitive work for an extraordinary setting. Red is the winner of six 2010 Tony Awards including Best Play, the most honored play of the Broadway season.







Moore Security Solutions is the Tucson Security System specialists. We specialize in all home security, small business security, CCTV surveillance, and GPS Fleet Management.




[youtube 16iW3of06dw]

Definitely not a track star!

Police Botter


Moore Security Solutions is the Tucson Security System specialists. We specialize in all home security, small business security, CCTV surveillance, and GPS Fleet Management.






This week’s business pick of the week is our friends at GARVIN’s PET PLAZA & TRAINING CENTER

Garvin’s Pet Plaza & Training Center has been training pets in Tucson since the 1970’s. Garvin’s Pet Clinic prides themselves in results that make your life easier with your pet. If you are new in Tucson or new to dog ownership, Garvin’s pet clinic thinks it’s wise to contact your veterinarian and ask who he/she recommends. Garvin’s Dog Training is proud to be the best dog training facility most recommended by veterinarians in the Tucson area.

Check out there YOUTUBE VIDEOS!

Garvin’s Pet Plaza and Training Center receives a 5 out of 5 stars on the Moore Security Scale

If you need to train your pet, YOU KNOW WHERE YOU NEED TO GO








This weeks business is The Loving Group: Your Real Estate Connection

The Loving Group is exactly how it sounds. Their mission is to “build relationships while building communities! Helping buyers and sellers fulfill their dreams and goals while donating back to the community at the same time!”. They are here for the Tucson community. They are truly the Tucson Community’s specialist in Real Estate!

For this they get a 5 out of 5 stars on the Moore Security Scale.

Plus: They are connected to EVERYTHING you need to buy or sell your home! And They are giving back 10%! For every successfully closed transaction, They personally donate 10% of my commission to a school, organization or charity chosen by their client and in their honor! How could you go wrong with this!!!

Help our community and use The Loving Group!








Moore Security Solutions is the Tucson Security System specialists. We specialize in all home security, small business security, CCTV surveillance, and GPS Fleet Management.



Do you like this gadget for your car?

[youtube UMzqWY2MRfE]





Moore Security Solutions is the Tucson Security System specialists. We specialize in all home security, small business security, CCTV surveillance, and GPS Fleet Management.








Tucson police investigating fatal stabbing

Police responded to a 911 call at a residence after two males had an altercation. The altercation left one male stabbed. He was rushed to the hospital where he died several hours later.

Mr. Moore’s note: Security is no joke! Protect yourself and your loved ones. We, at Moore Security, do this job to protect our community! Call Moore Security, we can help!




Moore Security Solutions is the Tucson Security System specialists. We specialize in all home security, small business security, CCTV surveillance, and GPS Fleet Management.



Moore Security Solutions: Wacky Criminals


We are in Tucson! We promise this wont happen to you! Check out the video below

[youtube mnRzMVRn2pk]

We hope you enjoyed the clip!





Moore Security Solutions is the Tucson Security System specialists. We specialize in all home security, small business security, CCTV surveillance, and GPS Fleet Management.






WEEK OF 3/26/12-4/1/12

This week is not a very busy week in Tucson but we recommend going out and having some fun. The weather is getting better.


Earth Hour-World Wildlife Fund and the City of Tucson invite you and your friends to participate in the world’s largest single campaign for the planet by attending Tucson’s Earth Hour celebration on Saturday, March 31! So gather your friends and enjoy a family-friendly night out as Tucson turns off its lights for Earth Hour — 8:30-9:30pm — to show its commitment to a sustainable future. Learn more about Earth Hour:


Farmers Market-Every Saturday at Maynards Market and Kitchen from 9am-1pm, Maynards Farmers’ Market at Maynards.Come out!







#11 UA Baseball vs. #2 Stanford- Weekend series FROM 3/30-4/1 at Hi Corbett Field. UA Baseball looks to continue its already great season with a couple wins over the #2 team in the nation. Go Cats!










Moore Security Solutions is the Tucson Security System specialists. We specialize in all home security, small business security, CCTV surveillance, and GPS Fleet Management.

Moore Security Solutions: Business Pick of the Week








Our Business Pick of the Week (drum roll) is The Growth Coach. The Growth Coach is a Tucson business that knows the meaning of great customer service. The Growth Coach is your coach in helping you find your strengths and talents to help you become more of an expert in your field, just like they are in their field. Their process is designed to make your business more efficent and effective.

This is why they receive a 5 out of 5 stars on the Moore Security Solutions Scale.

We suggest giving them with any business needs!



Thank you for all that you do!


Moore Security Solutions is the Tucson Security System specialists. We specialize in all home security, small business security, CCTV surveillance, and GPS Fleet Management.



Moore Security Solutions: Cool Gadgets





Moore Security Solutions: Cool Gadgets

With these glasses, you can see just fine! But now, you can see more. How about checking your email on your glasses?…What? Yes, there are breakthroughs now that are pointing towards glasses that have a screen but you can also see through

You can be in a meeting with Johnny and checking your email at the same time. How awesome does that sound!













Check out the article:






Moore Security Solutions is the Tucson Security System specialists. We specialize in all home security, small business security, CCTV surveillance, and GPS Fleet Management.


Moore Security Solutions: Crime in your Area






Moore Security Solutions: Crime in your Area

Tucson Police are investigating a pick up truck that was seen near the scene of the Tucson Bomb Scare at Greyhound Bus Station. Cameras are very important in our daily lives. They keep us safe and bring justice to those who do wrong.

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