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Can You See Profitability With Video Management Systems?

Video Surveillance Cameras used to manage and control business remotely

Video Surveillance Cameras in Showroom

Take a minute to imagine that you are at a business conference, or on vacation, or just conducting your daily routine. If you’re a business owner or business manager or, of course, a home or property owner there may not be a better management tool in your toolbox than a video surveillance and management system that allows you to look at your iPad, P.C.,iPhone or Android device to get a quick overview of your business, home, or property.

Video Surveillance Cameras at Night

Video Surveillance Cameras at Night in near Pitch Black

Just two months ago we had a package delivered to our office with an important part in it that we needed to complete a big job. Well, we couldn’t find the package anywhere. Then it clicked. Look at the Video. We went back to the day it was delivered, and saw the U.P.S. man deliver a package. But the package was too small to be the part, so we knew it was never delivered! Problem solved. What if a package was delivered to your doorstep at home, but you are in Wisconsin? Did it get delivered? Don’t you want to be sure? Do you rent property? Wouldn’t you like to have a view of the front porch to see if any unauthorized parties were being staged on your little corner of the world? I cannot give you an exact number of the percentage of these video management systems we have installed here at Moore Security Solutions in the past five years (that’s when Remote View Video really started to cross the technological barriers required to make these systems work. Think Bandwidth) that have made their owners very happy that they bought into this great technology, but suffice it to say it is very close to 100%. Let me ask, are your employees opening your facility on time while you are away? Are the customers being attended to? Did your children get home on time and safely? You can use the video system as a teaching tool to let your employees know how you want things to be done(and not done). The list of applications and services provided by these video systems are limited only by your imagination. We had a client that had an older dog that they wanted to keep an eye on while it was outside and they were at work. Watching your pets is a very popular use of the systems. Of course, the quality of the picture has increased by leaps and bounds, and the price has gone down. This also helps to account for the rising popularity of video management and surveillance systems. Look, it’s your property. It’s your business. It’s your family and clients. You have a right to know what’s going on in your world.

Is There Anything More Important To Your Business Than Your Bottom Line Profitability?

GPS Vehicle Tracking

When I first decided to write about Global Positioning Location Systems for your company vehicles(whether it  be one vehicle or a hundred), I had planned to write about facts and figures and statistics and all sorts of dry information that I was going to ask you to read and  digest.

Then I remembered that the best way to reach someone was to tell a story. Give business owners the numbers at the end of the day, but to really get their attention, let people know that you understand their everyday business struggles. That way, you aren’t trying to sell them something, but you are helping them with that all important bottom line profitability calculation. That is something all good business owners understand, or if they don’t, they  certainly will not be business owners for long.

So this is a very simple story.

Moore Security Solutions decided to sell GPS Fleet location Systems five years ago because it seemed a natural fit. We loved the idea and technology, and it was an industry that was  growing rapidly. Of course, all other businesses in Arizona needed this exciting new cost management tool , not Moore Security Solutions. Our employees were completely trustworthy. I certainly didn’t want to cause any friction with any of our employees by acting like “Big Brother.” And anyway, we just had a few vehicles, so would that really make it cost effective for us?

Well, it didn’t take us long to realize how wrong we were on all counts.  We installed the Location System Devices on our own vehicles for ‘Demonstration Purposes” only. They weren’t meant for companies like ours, but we could demonstrate to other companies how valuable the technology would be for their company.

After using the equipment  for just a couple of days, it was amazing how much information came out of this system. Not only could we track multiple layers of statistics and numbers that gave us complete operational control of what was going on with our employees and vehicles, but we could see where our vehicles and employees were in real time and make up to the minute decisions about where to send our them based on current information. We could create a report with all of this valuable information that we could use to decrease our gas use, increase employee productivity, decrease “wear and tear” on our vehicles, and overall manage a vital part of business that we had  figured  was basically unknowable.

It has been quite a revelation. And as a added bonus, it has become much easier to convince other business owners to purchase and use this valuable tool because we have seen first hand how wonderful this product is to OUR Bottom Line Profitability.

One other thing; Moore Security Solutions has discovered that once a business owner signs up for the service, very rarely do they cancel it . It’s just to valuable to them.

We have assembled all of the statistics and numbers and information for you.  We just love having this tool in our profitability tool box and you will too.

Book your appointment here now and we’ll show you precisely what this terrific technology tool can do for you.