Fleet GPS

We'll show you how to unleash the power of the ultimate in vehicle management with Moore Security Solutions Fleet GPS Tracking - The Next Generation in Vehicle GPS Fleet Management Tools



Moore GPS Fleet Vehicle Tracking provides you with a simple and affordable solution to managing your fleet of vehicles, from 1 to 101 vehicles(or more!).

It is a myth that a fleet tracking system will cost you money. The initial outlay in the expense of implementing a fleet tracking system will be made up almost immediately in the savings. As an owner or manager you have direct control over the vehicles and the employees with real time tracking. See exactly where drivers are at any given time, run reports on their routes, stop idling times, configure their routes for the day, get alerts on needed vehicle maintenance, set up geo fences with text alerts, reduce speeding and so much more.

(See all your vehicles on one map. Zoom in to see exactly where they are)

Lower Operational Costs

Optimize the size of your fleet. Use reports as virtual time clocks to reduce labor and overtime. Maintain and monitor all of your fleet's maintenance schedules easily through Moore Security GPS software platform. Real- ize fleet insurance discounts through GPS based vehicle theft recovery features.

Increase Revenue

Be more efficient with your fleet by using the Moore Security GPS routing and mobile messaging features. Visit more customers by increasing response times and having direct communication with your fleet on the go to help provide customers with the best service.

Decrease Fuel Consumption

Go Green! Moore Security GPS provides you with the tools to monitor your fleet's fuel economy. Use speeding and idle time reports to control driver behavior and eliminate side jobs and moonlighting with the Moore Security GPS movement scheduler. Reducing total miles driven and controlling excess speeding and idling can curb harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Improve Dispatching

Moore Security GPS Mobile messaging feature and Smart phone application allow for instant driver/ dispatcher communications including status reports, driving directions and routing. Know the closest vehicle to a new job in a click of a button and reach your customers faster than ever.

Reduce Emissions

Helping drivers improve their habits such as speed and idle time, and reducing total miles driven can significantly reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Peace of Mind

Have a manager in every vehicle in your fleet. Get real time updates and notifications directly to your cell phone via email or text message. Be everywhere your fleet is, with the click of a button. Feel secure that your fleet is protected nationwide.


We are pleased that we contracted Moore Security to install and monitor our Fleet GPS for our service vehicles, not only do we have peace of mind in knowing where our technicians are but it has also saved us on average 20% in fuel cost a month.

Corinne Ortiz, General Manager, Essential Pest Management