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Our Portfolio of Work

Keypad Access Control Box

An Access Control Keypad allows only those with a code access to a building or area. This management tool also allows owners and managers the ability to turn on and off access immediately.


Dome Surveillance Cameras

Two Cameras pointed in different directions can view a large area at once


Surveillance Camera

Dome Video Surveillance Camera on a building

See our technicians working on a variety of jobs they work on. With more than 13 years of combined experience they can tackle most any job.  We do service and installation work on alarm systems, fire systems(service only), video camera systems, access control panels,  and fleet GPS installation.   They not only troubleshoot the system, but will make sure everything is set up exactly as you like.  In addition, they test and verify all signals to be sure your system is communicating with our monitoring station.  They focus on quality of work with you as a business owner or homeowner in mind.  Trust and integrity are of utmost importance in excelling in their field.




Analog or CCTV (closed circuit television cameras) such as those typically used in video surveillance, transmit a signal to a specific place on a limited set of monitors. They have been a trusted and reliable solution for both homes and businesses for many years. Analog cameras are convenient, easy to install, cost effective and reliable.

CCTV systems can typically be set up to record continuously or can be motion activated, recording only when the sensor sees movement.  Analog cameras can be set to record straight to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR), which allows it to record analog signals as pictures. The DVR designed for CCTV purposes is connected to the camera through point-to-point coaxial cables which convert the signal from analog to digital and then record it on a hard drive.  The DVR and video recording software allow recording and playback of the video with a range of options in playback.

Upgrading a current analog system can be done with the latest in analog technology, HD-SDI (high definition serial digital interface) cameras.  This high definition analog based CCTV technology provide high quality HD video images with exceptional resolution and detail. Prior to the development of HD-SDI cameras the only way to get this type of resolution was through a megapixel IP camera.  This new technology offers a low cost solution to those wanting greater detail and many extras. The signal is still sent over coaxial cable, is point to point and plug and play.


IP Cameras, or the Internet Protocol Camera is a type of cameraIP cameras are truly digital.  Whereas an analog camera transmits the signal via the coaxial cable to a DVR which then coverts the signal, an IP camera itself takes on the role of the DVR for compression, video motion detection and image adjustments.  It is then transmitted back to the NVR as a fully digital stream. The software in an IP camera offers some additional features but the camera does most of the work.

IP camera systems are able to offer higher resolution megapixel cameras than analog cameras.  They can be wired or run through your wireless network.  Megapixel cameras allow you to zoom in on a specific area with minimal loss of definition. You are able to capture important details such as a license plate or even a specific transaction on a cash register. For those with several locations, multi-site management is easy with IP cameras as everything can be viewed on the internet.  Replacing an existing analog camera with IP cameras may not be as expensive as you think.  For example, only one megapixel camera may be needed where there were four analog cameras.

More and more IP cameras are being used for their “intelligence” and not just recording incidents.  They are able to record and count customers and customer patterns. They can also be used in monitoring customer service, alerting and monitoring for deliveries, monitoring employees and register transactions and much more.  IP cameras are a necessary tool for complete management of your business and employees.

Higher resolution IP cameras do require a lot of bandwidth so plan accordingly.  There are ways to set up a system to reduce the required bandwidth, such as cropping out he unnecessary parts of the field of view, so having an experienced and trained technician with a reputable company is important. Higher resolution and the demands of an IP camera do require more memory, so when choosing a DVR or cloud storage, do not skimp on memory. This is one area to be more safe than sorry.


There are many considerations to make in choosing between an analog system and IP solution.  The cost of an analog system is typically less expensive but you will often sacrifice image quality and features.  The convenience and ease of set up in an IP system is a bonus but the required bandwidth and memory can be detrimental. Other considerations include simplicity, resolution, cabling, scalability and flexibility, pricing and intelligence.  It can be a big decision for businesses and homeowners on which video monitoring solution is best for them.  Working with a company trained and active with video surveillance installations is the first and most important step in your decision making process.  They can help guide you through the process, placement and options available. As in many instances, a DIY solution is not always the best or least expensive option.


Whatever your thoughts may be on the 2nd amendment to the Constitution, or the rights of U.S. citizens to own assault weapons, there is no doubt that the recent shooting deaths of 20 small children at Sandy Hook Elementary School has started a conversation about guns and their place in our society.
Today I am going to steer clear of all the emotion and conflict that seem to have polarized our nation in regard to this volatile subject and instead focus on a tangent of the argument that has been lightly reported; the lack of basic security to prevent the theft of weaponry in our homes.

Now, of course, I realize that many responsible gun owners have a good gun safe, or bars on the windows, or a reliable home security system. But you would not believe how many times I go on a sales call to a home that has been burglarized and guns were stolen, and the homeowner had no protection at all for the weaponry that was in their home.

A home is broken into every 15 seconds in the United States. The thieves are looking for big screen televisions, computers, guns, and jewelry or money (valuables). Thieves just love guns for all of the obvious reasons. So why do more gun owners not have at least some form of security for their weapons? The reason that I hear the most is that they just did not think that they needed any additional security because they live in a safeGUN SAFETY SMALL GUN SAFE HOME SECURITY neighborhood, or they have a big dog, or, the ultimate irony, they thought they were safe because their guns afforded them that perception of safety. I guess they were wrong. And the decision of homeowners to not do everything they can to protect and secure their weaponry is a decision that can be very costly to our society at large. More crime, more hospital visits, more death.

I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve asked a guy why he doesn’t have a home alarm system to protect his guns, and I get the answer that he wishes somebody would try to break into his house because they would have to answer to Smith and Wesson, or some variation of this macho theme. That usually provokes me to calmly ask “Well, who is protecting your Smith and Wesson while you are at work all day?” This normally leads to a befuddled look and silence from the gun owner.

Okay, okay, I get it. This is an emotional topic. I was in the Marine Corps, so I understand the fascination of things that go boom. But don’t let your emotions get in the way of your common sense. Twenty five thousand guns are stolen from dealers every year. Two hundred and thirty thousand (230,000!) guns are stolen from homeowners every year. If you are a gun owner, do the right thing; buy a sturdy gun safe, invest in a quality home security system, but please secure your weapons!